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The Cat Forest was realised by Vincent Fortin to be sent before december 9th 2016 for a challenge regarding Unity 3D. All models and their appropriate textures, as well as all audio files were not created by said author. This project was meant for educational purposes only as well as personal entertainment.
There was once a lonely magician traveling in the mysterious Cat Forest, searching for
a hidden source of power. However, absorbed by the overwhelming amount of mana he found
in the Forest, he fell down into a voracious frenzied cat pit. Unable to escape, he
is doomed to try catching coins for his own amusement, before slumbering once more after
the endless assault of kittens has him wounded severly enough.
Try to get a score as high as possible! Remember, apples spawn at the same time as each
fifth coin and grant an extra life, while the vicious predators, reduce your total
health by one per hit.
Good Luck Have Fun
-Vincent Fortin

Made for Windows 10 64-bit.

Install instructions

Simply unzip and run the executable file.


TheCatForest.zip 52 MB

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